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Electrical Engineer

Job responsibilities:

– performs planning of the necessary materials and resources to ensure the operability of electrical equipment;

– develops, checks and coordinates plans, schedules of scheduled preventive repairs and maintenance of electrical equipment (including conducting this work with contractors)

– analyzes the operation of electrical equipment by condition, operating time for failure, the number of failures of electrical equipment, makes proposals for modernization in order to optimize production processes and inventory;

– draws up technical conditions for the tender documentation for the purchase of works (services);

– performs work шn the coordination of the choice of the supplier of electrical equipment;

– participates in working groups to analyze and eliminate inconsistencies in electrical circuits for equipment;

– participates in working groups to identify the causes of an emergency shutdown of electrical equipment and develops measures to prevent them, create safe working conditions;

– prepares the necessary materials for the conclusion of contracts for the repair of equipment with contractors;

– monitors the performance of capital and other repairs of electrical equipment (including conducting this work with contractors).

Must know:
- legislative and other regulatory legal acts in the field of information technologies, methodological and other materials on the operation and repair of electrical equipment;
- technical and operational characteristics, design features, purpose and operating modes of the equipment;
- the technology of electrical circuits, the organization of the electric economy;
- operating modes and procedure for technical operation of electrical equipment;
- a system of scheduled preventive maintenance and rational operation of electrical equipment;
- organization and technology of repair work;
- methods of installation, adjustment, adjustment and repair of electrical equipment;
- the procedure for drawing up applications for electrical equipment, materials, spare parts, tools;
- the procedure for putting the equipment into repair and receiving it after repair;
- fundamentals of the organization's production technology;
- requirements of the organization of labor during the operation, repair and modernization of electrical equipment;
- advanced domestic and foreign experience in the operation and repair of power equipment;
- fundamentals of economics, organization of production, labor and management;
- labor legislation, internal labor regulations, occupational safety and health, industrial sanitation, fire safety requirements.

Qualification requirements:
higher (or postgraduate) education in the relevant field of personnel training without presenting requirements for work experience or technical and professional, post-secondary (specialized secondary, vocational secondary) education in the relevant specialty (qualification) and work experience in the specialty as a specialist for at least 5 years.

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